Electrical Engineer
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Why work at Electrical Technologies

Our employees are our most valuable asset. They are the culture and passion of the organization. We value each employee’s individual strengths, opinions and ideas to assist in achieving goals for our company.
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Job description

We are seeking a motivated Electrical Engineer for a full-time position at Electrical Technologies. The successful applicant will help turn our work into a successful experience.
Applicants must have strong knowledge of high voltage, excellent communication skills, strong technical instincts, an eagerness to learn and a “can-do” work ethic.


Work directly with clients on projects and answer technical questions Manage modifications, updates, and improvements on previous projects Work with other members of the team and with clients to solve challenges and produce stellar results.

Experience / Qualifications

• Minimum 2 years experience in electrical engineering
• Experience with Autocade
• Strong working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite 5+ (mostly Photoshop)
• Strong knowledge in high voltage
• Ability to manage your time and balance multiple projects
• Strong communication skills and excellent attention to detail
• Highly-creative and resourceful
• Passion and pride in your work

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